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EEZYBEEZY Elastic shoelaces with magnetic fastening are a completely new way to style your shoes eezy and cheaply, without buying completely new shoes! 😎✌🏼

EEZYBEEZY Elastic shoelaces allow you to slip the shoe on without tying the laces! 👟

The magnetic fastening gives your shoes a finished look and the laces are no longer in your way! 😎

Must have! 3-pack now available! Buy a package and save✌🏼

Check and save!

Here's an instructional video on how EEZYBEEZY works!👟

NEW! Iron on patches

Take 3 pay 2!

You can also find EEZYBEEZY at many retailers around Finland! Where would you like EEZYBEEZY for resale? Email us at info@eezybeezy.fi, and we'll take care of it further 💜